Monday, September 10, 2007

Blowing off dust

Today was exciting for a number of reasons: that I woke up and sat down to spend the morning working on my manuscript, which has been living under my bed since April. Had to blow off a layer of dust, but it was easy to get started, and strange to be affected by words I'd written so long ago they've ceased to belong to me. My goal is to finish this final revision by the end of this year, and then what's next would, quite naturally, come with the future. Further exciting, was lunch with my old dear friend Erin Sanko who I've not seen in at least five years. Nice to have it feel like no time had passed, and her boyfriend is lovely. (I was also happy to hear that she had so much enjoyed Half of a Yellow Sun). I spent the afternoon shopping, for skirts, shoes, and turtleneck sweaters. Also for a new backpack, and any number of things to replace hideousness. And then I had my first visit to Ben McNally Books, which was a marvelous experience, and I had the good fortune of picking up a copy of Jonathan Garfinkel's new book Ambivalence. It's a beautiful book, and I am very happy for him. I also look quite forward to reading it.