Monday, September 17, 2007

Bay window

The very best thing I've read lately is R.M. Vaughan's "Dominick's Fish: The things we leave behind when we die" in the latest issue of Walrus, which uses an amazing story about aquarium fish to demonstrate that "the concept of disposibility is itself false, a convenient conceit." And writers' rooms continue at The Guardian, with two of my favourite writers: Sue Townsend and Margaret Drabble (photo borrowed here [and oh I wish I had a British bay window to call my own]). For more good reading, go here for Ben McNally, and then go to his new shop (which is just up the street from my husband's building- as if he needed yet another place to be sent on errands to). Rona Maynard gets a great review, and a review of Cloud of Bone, the book I'm reading right now. Giller Prize Giller Prize Giller Prize. Hooray.