Sunday, August 19, 2007


Now rereading Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assassin, which I remember nothing about. I read it the first time, according to the inside cover, beginning October 8 2001, and finished that October 27 with a note on blank page at the back, "Wonderful...". Let's hope it lives up to my previous reception. And that I read it a bit quicker than I did the first time around, as there are so many books I've got scheduled to be read before summer is over. Also now reading the latest Walrus which is proving interesting, though The Future of Reading was less interesting than I wanted it to be.

Earlier today I was happy to be reading a little interview with Margaret Drabble (via Maud Newton). "The biggest fate of all is your marriage partner. It's extraordinary that you should happen to be at such a party or such a university or even on such a bus ride and meet the man that you're going to marry, for better or worse. I find these accidental conjunctions that turn the plot of your life fascinating."

News on the homefront: we've just cut into our first homegrown watermelon, and we've got a Japanese houseguest arriving on Wednesday.