Sunday, August 12, 2007

Piedust Memories

I've been too busy having fun lately to take pictures, and so I bring you one of my favourite shots from our trip to England in June.

This weekend has stretched long with the fun. Someone gave Stuart tickets to We Will Rock You for Thursday eve, and fun was had. Friday evening we met up with Natalie Bay for an authentic Japanese meal at Ematei, followed by authentic ice cream from Sicilian Sidewalk Cafe. Saturday evening was a housewarming at the gorgeous new abode of a certain Ms. Kim Dean (special guest appearence by E. Smith). And then today, a whole day with the future-Smiths. We went out for Chinese food, and then came back to ours for a game of Scrabble on the porch while the rain poured down. And I won! Word I longed to be a word was "piedust". Best actual word of the game was "zygote", and Carolyn and Steve didn't get too angry when Stuart and I cheated (I handed him a tile in the bowl of popcorn). They stayed over until the sun came out, and then dinner was tea and freshly baked scones and jam, which would have been perfect had I not added too much salt. Everyone was very understanding though, and copious dollops of jam rendered them absolutely edible.

Now reading The Raw Shark Texts. I think I will be up quite late tonight reading to get to the very end.

Tomorrow night we're going to see Crowded House!