Monday, August 13, 2007

Counting the steps to the door of your heart

There was an instant during "Distant Sun" where the whole world was perfect, and we were swaying, singing. The lullaby that is "Don't Dream It's Over". Their new songs sounded just as good as the ones I know best, and I had to shut my eyes a few times. Crowded House was amazing, and I don't think I ever appreciated what a live show could truly be. What an absolutely beautiful night.

Coming up is my review of The Raw Shark Texts, and it's fortunate that I've had some time to attempt to get my head around it. Also a review of The Big Book of The Berenstain Bears. Find out what it is to be continuing the aquatic theme with a reread of Margaret Drabble's The Sea Lady.

Short stories here in The Guardian. As one who gave up on The Bible at the part where Noah's son finds him drunk and naked, the arguments for and against its readability hold interest for me. "Firstly, there's the simple point that if the Bible really were the word of God, you'd think that He would be able to make it more interesting". Jeffrey Eugenides on Middlesex in its second life.

"Do you climb into space?"