Sunday, July 08, 2007

Store Bought Women

We shall save the island for next weekend then, as plans were thwarted. For some reason Saturday morning we didn't wake up until eleven, and this morning we woke up to thunder. Fortunately there was plenty of other fun to be had. Friday night we had dinner at the Brown-Smiths (who become "the Smiths" full-stop come January how exciting!), and relished rooftop patio goodness and finally the CN Tower lit up. I hadn't seen it before. Clearly I neither get out nor look up enough. Yesterday's highlight was a swim in the pool at Christie Pitts-- what a delight! Sweet relief from the humidity. Today was such a Sunday-- I read The Portrait of a Lady (nearly done), worked on a new true story full of lies, and Stuart devoured The Raw Shark Texts in one sitting. This weekend we watched Saturday Night and Sunday Morning and adored it. You might remember that both of us read the book and loved it earlier this year. I love when a film can so well complement the book it came from. Two more days until the new Crowded House! And the big news? This weekend I successfully baked a chocolate cake. This has never happened before, as my cakes have variously exploded, disintegrated, failed to bake etc. But this cake is perfect, and easy. I shall not attempt a different recipe ever again. And tea of the week? Pomegranate Green. Yum zum.