Thursday, July 26, 2007

Pickle Me This goes to the cottage

Oh, how jealous I am of people with cottages. As great is summer in the city, some days I'd donate my kidneys for a dip in a lake, for the feel of a slatted dock under a beach towel, weeping willow trees, screen door slams, and the cry of a loon. Even for a rainy day, drops bouncing off the lake's surface. And finally, my dream is scheduled to come true. Hurrah! This weekend we're off to Muskoka for a cottage weekend away with my two friends oldest and dearest. Hilarity is in store, board games are packed, beer bought, compilation CD compiled (inc Spice Girls, Joni Mitchell, Guns N' Roses, Dixie Chicks, the Chiffons, Enrique and Cam'rom-- can you spell eclectic?) Oh I am SO excited. And books planned: I will be reading What the Dead Know, and I've just lost my husband to some book about a boy wizard. We leave very early Saturday morning, have a wine and cheese party to attend tomorrow evening, and from where I stand at this point, the next three days promise to be rather fine.