Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Links of late

Links of late: A Midwest Homecoming is the blog I keep reading aloud to who ever is in earshot, scribed by Ms. Leah with whom I shared a bunkbed in Nottingham for three months nearly five years ago. Absolute hilarity, and bookish goodness too, though I suspect she'll be changing her title, seeing as she's just decided to move to Korea.

Also, Oprah Schmoprah-- book recommendations by some of the bloggers I like best.

Hands down, the best story in the paper all weekend was Elizabeth Renzetti's "You'd be a numpty to mess about with the weegies". She writes, "Before you attack a country, it's probably best to scan their cultural history. Did the two men who drove a blazing Jeep into Glasgow airport last week know nothing about Scotland's past? Had they never seen Braveheart? Had they never read Rob Roy? Didn't they know that it is always a bad idea to mess with an angry Scot, especially one from Glasgow? Ye'll get a wee skelp and nae doot aboot it." And it only gets better.

An incredible profile of Chinua Achebe here.

Here for summer reading tips. (Stuart was flattered and surprised to see that his recent reading had qualified him as "The Universal Literary Smartarse").