Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Bake Shop on Harbord

I've been noticing The Bake Shop, the understated establishment recently opened in a former bike shop on Harbord Street. Something about it had me wishing it a fighting chance, as it's quite clearly the fruit of someone's efforts to start a small business up from nothing. And the shop has been shaping up well these last few weeks, with a fresh paint job and a mural on the side. Every day on my way home I've been tempted to check it out, try a cookie. Today I succumbed, and met the best cookie I've ever eated-- and all for 80 cents!

The owner told us she's been busy, actually, with lots of orders for her cakes and cookies. She said it's just her working right now while the business gets started, and I said that must be tough. I asked, "Do you work all day?" She said, "Oh no, only fifteen hours." She gave us a sample of her homemade chocolate ice cream (a cone for $2), and the flavour was heavenly. Stuart and I ended up having to split one cookie as there were only two left, and apparently one of her customers had called ahead and asked for one to be set aside. I understand why. We're going back there. And you should go there too.