Monday, May 21, 2007

Turkey Lurkey

We've had such a boring long weekend-- splendidly boring! The sun shone every day and I finished reading two books, and read the newspaper, and magazines, wrote most of a story, and blogged-a-rama. I spent a lot of time supine, we let the house get filthy, the hours ticked by so slowly. Though I imagine we might have managed as much fun as this away at a cottage up north, at least we never had to sit in traffic. Wonderful Kensington shop on Saturday and empanadas for lunch. Yesterday we went shopping for shoes, purses, wraps, shirts and ties from Bronwyn's wedding. I also spent $160 on make-up, which I think qualifies me as an officially grown-up woman, or at least a very stupid girl. A kind of strange indulgence, considering how often I wear make-up, but I suppose then it will last a long time. And I won't ruin Bronwyn's wedding photos with sallowness. Finally, today we went to Riverdale Farm with Jennie-- our inaugural trip of the 2007 season. I do love that place, and we had a very lovely afternoon.