Monday, May 28, 2007

Summer on the Shelf

I mentioned before the psychological problems books can cause me-- when I read Fight Club and became psychotic, and how prairie fiction puts the weight of the world on my shoulders. Here's a new one, though I can't blame it on the text. Remember a few weeks back when I said I was going to read Summer? I really had the best intentions, and even went and picked it off the shelf. So far so good, and I opened up the book. I was surprised by the dedication on the inside cover, by a friend who was once a best friend, and is now a friend no longer. I had forgotten the book had come from her, and to read her words and how sad they've come to be with time was positively devastating. I am not so much in the habit of losing friends, you see, and blantant proof of that loss was hard to take. And so I put the book back on the shelf where I suspect it will remain.