Saturday, May 19, 2007

Extra-Media Report

Though the book is my primary medium, I do branch out a bit from time to time. I try not to watch television, as I find it makes time go by too quickly. I allow myself one show a week, which used to be the gloriously awful CSI Miami, but I've quit that. There was something so terribly sadistic about it. And I'd fallen in love with Ugly Betty by then anyway. It's a wonderful show-- I like melodrama (if I wanted realism I'd go outside) but what kills melodrama every time is bad writing (hello CSI Miami). This is not the case with Ugly Betty, however, which is funny and poignant, and has brought tears to my eyes way more than once. And so this Thursday night we watched the season finale, which was so engaging I nearly had a heart attack. And then at the very end they tore my little heart right out, and I was absolutely gutted. I haven't been this upset by a television death since Dennis died on EastEnders. Even so, I absolutely adore that show, and I can't wait for the next season.

And now, musically speaking. Yesterday I was listening to BBC 6 Music when I heard the new Crowded House single. And surprised I was, for though I have long considered Crowded House one of my favourite bands, I don't follow them too closely- particularly since they were broken up. But they are apparently back together, and have an album coming out this summer. Which thrills me. I really liked the single, and imagine the chance to see them live? And so that was all very exciting.

Now back to the bookish life.