Thursday, May 24, 2007

Evening classes

Summer has arrived with a slap of heat which has drained me of all energy. Now reading The Children of Men, and really enjoying it. And today from the library I fetched The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street and Thieves, which I must read in the next week. The former book will be a good preparation for our upcoming vaca, I think, though we'll not being visiting London. But indeed in one week's time we'll be en-route to the airport. I'm very excited, as we haven't been abroad in two years, with all our immigration madness and that year in which neither of us earned a living. I've still not decided what I am bringing to read on the plane, however-- maybe my collected Grace Paley to reread? And I am a little disappointed that I'll miss out on some good reading time as we're driving and not taking the train. Nonetheless, I am thrilled that I will be able to hold next weekend's The Guardian in me own two hands, and that sometime in the week I will pop into a Waterstones and steal some 3 for 2s. Oh England England, get ready to welcome us home (literally and otherwise, respectively).