Thursday, April 19, 2007

Take another chance on the prairies

I'm starting to read The Horseman's Graves today and I'm feeling nervous, which you might understand if you're aware of the problems I've had with prairie fiction. Prairie fiction makes me absolutely crazy.

However I was somewhat reassured by this (rave) review of the book from The Globe this past weekend. Particularly by this bit: "Though the geographical, cultural and temporal setting of The Horseman's Graves might generate comparisons to early 20th-century practitioners of "prairie realism," Baker displays little of their inclination to romance, nor does she set up the prairie landscape and community to represent oppressive forces to be succumbed to or transcended. Her judicious plotting avoids parable and object lesson, and insists that the story of these people in this place is worth telling for its own sake."

I do hope so. And I suspect my long-suffering husband hopes so too.