Monday, April 23, 2007


Banana Yoshimoto, according to the blurb on my 1994 copy of Kitchen, is "hotter than a steamin' bowl of yaki soba" sez Sassy. Oh Sassy.

First, isn't that vaguely offensive? Like saying, "James Joyce is more tuberlier than a potato". Or "Virginia Woolf is more captivating than an Imperialist". "Ali Smith is more down to earth than a turnip". I could go on and on. Would a writer really want to be compared to a bowl of noodles?

I never really got Sassy. I was a bit too young, and way too uncool. References to orl sx and body piercing made me uncomfortable, and I was frightened of drugs and dyed hair (because we all know that one just leads to the other). I was so uncool in Sassy's heyday that I found out Kurt Cobain died just before symphonic band practice. We were at Britt's house, and Jennie delivered the news. She thought his name was Kirk, and we weren't sure that it wasn't. I knew the lyrics to "Smells Like Teen Spirit" because I'd read an article about it in my mom's Chatelaine. And this was our youth. The very beginning of it, at least. Luckily I got more in touch, but by the time I did, Sassy was already dead.