Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Long List

Upsetting revelations have included that I recently became the sort of person who stows tissue on their person and then forgets about it. Does that make sense? It was devastating. It was definitely a one-off, and I promise not to do it again. Otherwise, it's all back to school and I am reading and learning, and I finished my summer job today so that I could do that absolutely properly. I recently read A Perfect Night to Go to China and I didn't like it much, which is significant, because you don't often hear me say that about a book. I also read Angel by Elizabeth Taylor, which was very Nancy Mitford. Now reading (for school) The Double Hook by Sheila Watson, which is intriguing. Next up (for fun) is A Big Storm Knocked it Over by Laurie Colwin. And I got my TA reading list today, which means a dream has finally come true and someone is paying me to read books. Oh yes, and The Giller Long List here. Plus, sign up for your copy of I wish my enemies were Russians, the new release from Pickle Me This Press. Copies should be bound this weekend and on sale next week for $5 each.