Thursday, September 07, 2006

Boogie with a suitcase

The story I'll come to tell about the morning my front brake snapped will be much more dramatic than this rather soporific truth. I wasn't going very fast, and I stopped well in time, and more than any escape from certain death, I am left with a broken brake I've got to pay to get repaired. Yawn. And such is Thursday.

Bookishly, I've read Liar by Lynn Crosbie this week, which reminded me of The Year of Magical Thinking in surprising ways. Also read As I Lay Dying, and now reading Heave by Christy Ann Conlin, which I've wanted to read for awhile. I'm not quite into it yet, but I think I'll like it.

Otherwise, Germaine Greer's take on the crocodile hunter. Ali Smith's common ground. Dionne Brand wins The Toronto Book Award. And in news so exciting I can hardly sit in my chair, Paul Burrell has written a second book about buttling Diana, this one entitled "The Way We Were".