Friday, September 15, 2006

A Big Storm Knocked It Over

I loved A Big Storm Knocked It Over by Laurie Colwin. It was a light read, and I finished it in one rather busy day. It would probably fall into the "chick lit" genre, but in a more "You're a woman, ergo you'll probably like this" way, than "This is chick lit, ergo it's crap." I'm not sure what the difference is. I did read this in a hardcover library copy as opposed to a pastel paperback, which might have left me more open-minded at the outset. It was written in the early nineties by an author with twenty-five years experience, as opposed to a cookie cutter text turned out by a journalist-turned-novelist during the past couple of years, and you can feel the difference. It's not for everyone, but I loved this book because it was deliciously happy. It was about a woman who loved her husband and loved him still at the end, and he was a good guy all the way through (a novel premise!). The main character surprised me throughout, with her neuroticisms, quirks, intelligence and funny inner monologue. The snark and the daring was just perfectly spread. Sadly, Colwin died before this, her final book, was published, but she's written plenty of others and I intend to make my way through them over time. And aren't her titles fabulous?

The problem with finishing a draft of manuscript is that as much as I have all that, I have nothing and have to start all again. That starts today, after the laundry. Yesterday I read through it, and much of it pleased me, but it's still a long road ahead. Now rereading The Double Hook, which I like a lot second time around. Also reading Nora Ephron Collected, which is fabulous. And still ahead this weekend, dinner in Greektown tomorrow, and they're calling for sun, for the first weekend in over a month.