Monday, August 14, 2006

Secret History

The Booker longlist! (And I have read none of it). I am rereading The Secret History by Donna Tartt at the moment, and loving it. I read it last in November of 2002, right before I met Stuart and while my home was a bunk bed in a youth hostel. I've blocked most of that period out. It's a great book, and I am speeding through it. It's more about story telling than the story itself- a little bit Heart of Darkness/American Psycho. Definitely worth a reread and the shortest 600 some page book ever.

Oh, and as of tomorrow, the entire Clare-Lawler household will be gainfully employed. That's right, double income no kids! Conspicuous consumption, here we come. Well, at least until I go back to school. Wonderful news though. It has been a long long road.