Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Catching a ride on the coattails of lit

I think that my favourite part of Writing Life was in Elizabeth Hay's essay- "I live in a house full of books. I pull down one I love and read a page or two and invariably I'm absorbed and stirred and reaching for my pen. What I'm doing is catching a ride on the coattails of literature". Beautiful. Today I bought The Atlantic Fiction Issue and I plan to enjoy it. Here for books that make you want to flirt with a stranger.

I've been thinking a lot about decisiveness. The Prime Minister has also been preoccupied with decisiveness lately. I guess sometimes I am decisive, just like he is. For example, I am decisive about the tragedy of people dying and the futility of war. But mostly, I am wary of decisiveness as a tool for dealing with complicated things, like, you know, people. And the world.