Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am right

While we're on the topic of feminism, and women's choices, how about the reponse to this rather silly article in The Globe today about whether women should change their name when they get married. 115 comments, last count. My friend Jennie, who often contacts me in a fury tearing her hair out about idiotic online comments, must be bald tonight. How can so many people be absolutely sure they're right about something that is absolutely none of their business? How, especially, considering that I am right: women should or shouldn't change their name based upon what that name is, what their partner's name is, if they like their dad, love their family, if they are established professionally, if they are especially fond of their name (as I am), if they want to change their name, or if they don't, or if they can't be bothered, or if they can, because they think names make a family or because they don't, or based upon the weather report, if they damn well want it to be. It's none of my business, and neither is it Matt M's from Edmonton, or Nancy's from Toronto. Good night.